OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABorn and raised in Manila, Philippines, dad’s family is from China, mom’s family is from Spain and Philippines (both my parents now reside in Florida), and home to me is currently San Francisco.  I guess you can say I’m a child of the world than anywhere else.

I pretty sure I’m part fish, because a part of my soul is only truly alive when I’m on, in, by, or under the water.  I never learned how to swim, somehow I just always knew how.  Now I see parts of my homeland die faster than I could’ve ever imagined.  I care an awful whole lot, and I would like to make a difference.

If a part of me is fish, another part of me is a superhero wannabe.  I have a hero complex.  I have a need to share the truth with everyone, I have a drive to make a difference.  Whether or not I succeed, I know I need to try.  Such is the curse (and the gift) of a superhero wannabe.  I may be a child of the world, but this is the home of my family and my people.  Philippines is home, and I need for my countrymen, and the world, to understand what is happening to our natural resources.

24 human hours are spent:

By Day – Sr. QA Engineer (testing website and software); in other words, I try to break things.

By other parts of the day – MBA/MPA Sustainability Management candidate, 2015

OK, let’s be “serious”

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I’m not a film maker nor a photographer.  But I am a project manager.  5 years in a corporate setting, but at least 10 years of being a part of various projects from a stage production to diving expeditions.  I am organized and driven.  I find that this is one of my strongest asset and why this project will succeed.  I plan ahead and think of contingency plans.  If a problems occur, I thrive in the challenge needed to come up with a creative solution.  I plan well in failure mode.

I look forward to working with, networking, and learning from, brilliant, passionate, and driven people who want to make a difference.